19 July, 2017

Silence as a Spiritual Practice: Australia and New Zealand, a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Experience the refreshing, pristine air, water and land of Australia and New Zealand and discover how silence can become a pathway to inner peace. On November 6, 2017, I'm headed down that way with a group of spiritual pilgrims on Spirit Tours "Spirit of Nature" retreat.  I'll be facilitating nearly daily practices (except when we are in transit) as a way of tuning in with the deep quiet that is already, always present in each person.

Using accessible daily contemplation practices, with a booklet to record insights from your silent time, we will explore our inner world, and then we'll venture out together to experience spectacular New Zealand and Australia.

Edward Viljoen
Author of The Power of Meditation and Ordinary Goodness 

"With its size slightly larger and population similar to the state of Oregon, there are vast areas of land untouched by human hands. The On the South Island of New Zealand the southerlies blow from the South Pole and purify the air. In Australia, we will explore the world famous city of Sydney and sit and walk Aboriginal people in the Blue Mountain Range. The atmosphere in this region of the southern hemisphere is like no other place in the world. By just experiencing the people, its culture and you will understand why Australian & New Zealanders rarely move away from their native land."

The general acceptance of the term meditation is contemplation or continuous thought. We mean to convey something more-the recognition of the [Power] within, the certainty of our Oneness with the Whole, the immediate availability of the Power and Wisdom resulting from this Oneness. Such communion with [Divinity] brings harmony into our lives and affairs; establishes the law of health and prosperity, and makes us a light to all who cross our pathway.

Ernest Holmes
The Science of Mind

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