01 March, 2018

Here's what travelers said 15 years ago...

Fifteen years ago, The Center for Spiritual Living began making spiritual pilgrimages with Spirit Tours to different places in the world to experience local spiritual cultures. Here, in the video below, is what travelers said back then. The testimonials in the video below are as true today.

Jim and Dottie Cramer, Bali, 2005, Co-founders of Spirit Tours

Spirit Tours is celebrating their 15 year anniversary with an all-new itinerary back to the place where it all started, The Islands of the Gods, Bali. Dr. Edward will be presenting an ancient code of spiritual living, for a life of joy and fulfillment. the Yamas and Niyamas.

(to see the video below on YouTube, click here.)

Check out www.spirit.tours for more information.

Whether you are a first time traveler or a repeat Spirit Tours pilgrim, isn't it time you went back to the Island of Smiles, the Island of the Gods, and revisit the magic of being immersed in spirituality with your community?

Click here to see the video below on YouTube about the upcoming all-new itinerary

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