28 January, 2010

Balinese Hindu Dharma

The aim of Hindu Dharma is to reach peace of spirit and harmony in this material life. In practicing their faith, Hindu communities try to achieve a spiritual balance of worship between Tattwa (philosophy), Susila (etiquette/morals), and Upacara (rituals). These three areas are subdivided into various tenets.

The Tattwa has five principal beliefs (Panca Srada):
- Brahman - the belief in the existence of one almighty God head.
- Atman - the belief in the soul and the spirit.
- Samsara - the belief in reincarnation.
- Karma - the belief in the law of reciprocal actions
xx(one gets back eventually what one gives out).
- Moksha - the belief in the possibility of unity with the divine (Nirwana).

Etiquette and Morals
The Susila (etiquette) places emphasis on three major rules for behavior (Tri Kaya Parisuda):
- To think good thoughts.
- To talk honestly.
- To do good deeds.

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