15 April, 2011

Memories of Japan

On a recent pilgrimage to Japan we visited Daisen-in Zen Temple in Kyoto and I gave my Obama button to the Abbot of the Monastery Roshi Ozen Oseki. He was delighted and gave me two thumbs up.

On the pilgrimage led by Rev. Kim Kaiser and Rev. Joyce Duffala we stayed at a monastery at Mt. Koya, visited the temple Sanjusagendo (1001) Kuan Yins in Kyoto;and the beautiful Ryonanji Zen Gardens.

We strolled along the "Philosophers Walk" visiting Ginkakuji Temple and visited Daitokuji Zen Temple early that morning. We went to Nara and saw the largest Buddha Image in the world and visited Kurama and soaked in the hotsprings.

My Favorite was visiting Daitokuji and visiting with Roshi Oseki.

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