18 July, 2017

Travelers are Amazed by the Magic of the Milford Sound: New Zealand and Australia - The Spirit of Nature

When I went on my overnight cruise in the south west of New Zealand's South Island, I wasn't expecting to be amazed.  Words couldn't prepare me for the majesty of this World Heritage site.   It's no wonder that it is a top travel destination, and that Rudyard Kipling called it a wonder of the world.  Getting there is an adventure too.  The bus took us through amazing country side, a photographer's paradise.

An overnight cruise on the Milford Sound is part of Spirit Tours upcoming trip to Australia & New Zealand, titled "The Spirit of Nature" for good reason.  The Blue Mountain Range is another big highlight of the tour, along with visit to the fascinating, and truly charming cities of Queenstown and Sydney.

For the adventurous, consider climbing Sydney's Harbor Bridge, one of the Australia's most
photographed sites.  It is, after all, the world's largest steel arch bridge, and you can climb it!  It's amazing, I've done it!

I'll be facilitating the tour, making sure we have regular spiritual practice so that our trip has the tone of being a pilgrimage on which we take time to observe what arises within is when we are still.  This daily practice (except for one day when we are in transit) allows the spirit of nature to be felt and appreciated more completely.  It's my highly of traveling with spiritual community: practicing together.

Would you like to know more about Spirit Tour's Australia and New Zealand tour?  Registration is now open to all.  You can join me, and Dr. Joe Hooper from Palm Desert Center for Spiritual Living on November 6 through November 17, 2017.  Visit spirit.tours and read more.  The price for double occupancy includes round trip airfare.  ($5689 good until July 31.)

Thereafter, land only price is $4189

Edward Viljoen
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
Author of Ordinary Goodness

From Spirit.Tours

Journey with Spirit Tours staff to Australia and New Zealand. This trip will explore the New South Wells, Australia, The Queenstown area and Milford Sound of the South Islands, New Zealand. Experience optional guided meditations, take nature hikes (Bush Walks), spend the night on Milford Sound, stay in Queenstown, visit local farmers markets, Be guided through the Blue Mountain Range by an Aboriginal cultural expert, journey through Sydney just to name a few. This itinerary was created by Spirit Tours staff, James Cramer and Timothy Omi who both lived there for a short time.

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