22 July, 2014

The Journey is the Destination

The Journey Is The Destination
Some American travelers love traveling to resort destinations that are all inclusive and fully contained within the walls of the distinguished property.  In my experience these places tend to be very similar layout and offer the same amities as if I were in my own back yard. Examples of places like this are Cancun Mexico, Wikiki Hawaii and Orlando Florida.  I like to think of these locations, as being the destinations experience that is manicured to conform to a very sterile out come.  I am not putting this type of travel experience down but for me traveling is like life and the journey is the destination.  What I mean by this is some of my most favorite parts about traveling are the unexpected, unplanned experiences that arise because I have give them space to arise. 

 The last tour I led to Bhutan my group just happened to stumble onto an unplanned temple festival where we got the chance to meet a Tuku, which is reincarnated Buddhist master.  We were invited to sit and have tea with him while he practiced his English and enlighten us with a Dharma talk on emptiness.  The authentic nature of this interaction could have never been planed or created.  I guess this was breed into me at a young age, as my mom would always take short cuts off the beaten path.  Even though these short cuts always turned into long cuts off the main highway we got a chance to experience life, raw and uncut.  When I take the mind frame of the journey being the destination I am able to stay in the moment, in the flow and know that the end all goal is something that pushes me to enjoy the ride.  So the next time your traveling and something unexpected happens along the way embrace it and make the most of it, you never know what could happen.

Written by Timothy Omi
Director of Spirit Tours

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