21 April, 2014

Bathing in the Zhaori Salt Water Hot Springs (only three in the world)

While living in Taiwan teaching English last year, my Mom came to visit me for two weeks. One of my fondest memories of her trip was when we traveled to Green Island, where we had the opportunity to sit and bathe in the Zhaori, Salt Water Hot Springs (one of three salt water hot springs in the world).

How it felt to be in this dream world

Every day while on Green Island we would hop on our rented scooter and travel along the ocean to this unbelievable hot spring. It was an experience like no other. Each pool had a different view of the ocean with varying temperatures. Some of them were actually built into the sea rocks. As you went from one pool to the next the salt water tickled your face. We happened to be there during the full moon, so as it started to rise over the ocean we became mesmerized with the glistening water and the sound of the waves crashing. To this day that experience feels like a dream, a memory far away that I will never forget.

Traveling back to this sacred spot

I want to travel back to this sacred spot and bathe in the Zhaori, Salt Water Hot Springs once again. Watch the moon come up, listen to the waves and feel the warmth and tingling of the baths. Who's in?

Have you been to one of these three salt water hot springs in the world? 

1. Zhaori, Salt Water Hot Springs
2. Kyushu Island Hot Springs, Japan
3. Sicily, Italy

If so, which one?

Gitana Omi

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