28 July, 2014

Why Bali, Indonesia is a spiritual travel destination

Why Bali, Indonesia is a spiritual travel destination 

Bali has been a second home to the Spirit Tours Team.  Jim first arrived on the Island in 1973 with Kyle, his wife at the time and mother to his children Gitana and Tim. 

They built a house in 1976 on a Balinese families land in the quite hills of Ubud. This is where Gitana and Tim spent the first couple years of their lives.  What made Jim and Kyle fall in love with Bali was its natural aesthetic beauty of the fauna, the primitive people and their devout practice to Hindu Dharma, the local Balinese religion.  Even to this day Balinese people spend 65% of their time and money on religious activities. What this creates is a spiritual presence that permeates every aspect of the Island.  Balinese religion is a dualistic mixture of positive and negative forces/spirits/deities that are constantly paid homage to in the form of prayer and offerings. 

Why Bali, Indonesia is a spiritual travel destination is because through experiencing and partaking in the practice of Hundi Dharma in its natural setting travelers can grow their spiritual connection into a higher consciousness.  It is very important though to travel with the right company that specializes in this kind of get away.

Having grown up traveling to various far away lands I feel that through immersing myself in places such as Bali and experiencing authentic cultures in their natural settings, I am able to think outside of my conceptual reality and just be present with the experience at hand.  Every place that our company has chosen to travel to gives space for this kind of experience to happen.  That is why I love what I do and hope it inspires people to live a happier life with a deeper meaning.

Written By Timothy Made' Omi Director of Spirit Tours

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