03 April, 2011

What do they speak in Bali?

Most Balinese speak the national language of Bahasa Indoneisa, a language Indonesian nationalist developed from the Malay language. The Balinese language is completely different and has many levels;different levels share common nouns,  and linguistic struture.   The Balinese caste system requires that different vocabularies be used according to differences in rank. This means a low caste person  uses different formal high Balinese words in speaking to a Balinese of higher caste and the member of the higher caste speaks the low vocabulary when speaking to a Balinese of lower caste.  As the castey system becomes irrelevant the Balinese prefer to use the high, more respectful language in formal situations but amongst friends use the lower or common vocabulary. 

As a tourist in Bali it is best to speak in Indonesian since Bahasa Indonesian is taught in the schools. Now English is taught in many of the high schools and in the tourist areas many Balinese speak English.

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