13 April, 2011

Tourism In Japan: Update

I received this update from JTB our tour operator in Japan. They hosted our 2008 tour to Japan and did a wonderful job. We  cancelled our 2011 tour but are in the planning stages of a 2012 May tour to Kyoto. http://www.spirit-tour.com/japan.html

Please keep everyone in Japan in your prayers and help support the Japan people by joining our 2012 Tour.

First, everyone of JTB GMT delivers the deepest sympathy and condolences to all the victims and their families, particularly to those in Tohoku and East-Kanto regions, affected by the earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, or the strongest ones ever measured in Japan’s modern history.

Sadly, Tohoku region that was widely devastated and is yet to be restored. However, most of social structures such as public transports, electricity and travel-related facilities like leading hotels/restaurants in and around Tokyo have almost returned to normal with no more planned electricity outage foreseen for now, except aftershocks that are continuing at the seismic scale of about 2 or 3, much lower than the strongest one of March 11 having marked "6 plus or so". Meanwhile, the regions to the west from Tokyo were much less affected by the disasters, therefore, travel related structures and facilities remain almost 100% as before, there.

Now, another issue, not the least, that is annoying us is the ongoing trouble of Fukushima Electric Plant. How it is evolving is just as you are learning through media's news that must be daily and worldwide released to overseas as well. Its earliest resolution is strongly hoped, leading to easing everyone’s concern.

As such, the spring travel season (or the months of March to May) of this year started with the sad circumstances, and following them, our business is also damaged. Even under these particular circumstances, JTB GMT pledges you to keep standing firm as a stronghold of inbound tourism to Japan. At the same time, it looks forward very much to everything being returned on regular track everywhere here and a come back of visitors to Japan as early as possible, soliciting renewing your understanding on Japan's tourist appeals, particularly focusing on four clear-cut seasons with 3 months each in duration as well as different weathers and attracts.

Jim Cramer
THE Bali Expert
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