09 October, 2017

Ireland "Home is where the heart is"

When I close my eyes I can still see the bright green rolling hills, I can still feel the wind carrying me across the land, and I can still hear the waves crashing upon the cliffs. This is Ireland the land that lies deep within me, the land that touches my soul like no other place I have ever traveled.

On this journey, we learned about Celtic Spirituality, and it is deeply rooted in the land that we walk upon. I learned that by writing poetry, I could free my mind of worry and sorrow, while all along bringing new joy into my life.

This pilgrimage brought me back to a place I had forgotten about, a place of innocence, dreams, and playfulness. I am counting the days until I return to the coast of Ireland where I can hear the music of the people, see the beauty of the land and walk on the green grass of my ancestors.

Ireland is everything they say it is and more. In May 2015 Spirit Tours took a group of pilgrims to the land of our family ancestors. During this journey I was once again reminded that “home” does not always have to be where you were born, it may just be “where the heart is”. 

Have you ever traveled to a place that felt like home?

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