24 July, 2017

Develop or Deepen. Yoga in Costa Rica. Spiritual Tourism with William Abel

Our Base in Arenal
Join me in Costa Rica (January 15, 2018) and spend some time exploring the nature of this beautiful land, and also, the nature of your being. Yoga is about discovering your true nature, which is peace, and meditation is a method that is used to do it.

Daily Spiritual Practice

With a daily gentle yoga practice to help bring peace to the body and daily meditation practice to help bring peace to the mind, time in Costa Rica might be just what is needed to help reset a busy mind to a more peaceful way of being, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy time away from your daily routine.

For people who have never practiced yoga, or for those who prefer a gentle approach, this tour is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation. Gentle yoga uses classic yoga poses to help build balance, strengthen and flexibility to the body, with modifications to help make the practice accessible to any level.

Develop or Deepen

Because meditation is an integral part of a yoga practice, time will be spent with different meditation techniques and instruction to help develop or deepen a practice. Even those who have difficulty with meditation can benefit from our time together in the peaceful setting of Costa Rica.
Surrounded by spectacular nature

A soak in Tabacon Hot Springs is terrific

A guided trip over the hanging bridges is part of our tour experience

Arenal Volcano

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