09 May, 2014

Magic of South African game viewing and beyond!

What are these tour members looking at???
In 2008 Spirit Tours went to South Africa with Reverend Edward Viljoen. The Spiritual Journey was all that you wanted in a tour. Spirituality, culture, natural beauty and adventure.

At the Ngala Game Lodge in Kruger National park we encountered an abundance of adventure. Every morning we awoke at 5:00 AM for a sunrise game drive through the African bush to view the animals as they started their day. The quiet stillness of the early morning combined with the vigilance of searching for game provided a perfect meditation practice.

After a morning of game viewing we would return to the Ngala Lodge for a late breakfast and often for a lecture by one of our guides, followed by a daily meeting with Reverend Edward. We would then relax at the lodge until the heat of the day wore off, before our afternoon adventure back in the park. One day while relaxing at the lodge a few of our tour members were astonished by what they saw at the nearby watering hole. A huge bull elephant was drinking from the watering hole with its trunk, while cooing himself off.

The Magic of Africa... 
Such was life at our lodge in Africa. We were totally emmersed in the timeless  moment and were caught up in the magic that is Africa. Four days of  early morning and late evening game drives. On the first day we saw the Big 5, which are the Lion, Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, Leopard, and the Rhinoceros. Seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat is a life changing experience. Its not what you see,  its the looking, the adventure, the vigilance, the living in the moment, that slows you down to African time.

Africa is not only game viewing....
The magic of Africa is not only about game viewing. On our journey we also visited Johannesburg and Capetown. The inspiration of Nelson Mandela prevailed throughout the country, the beauty of "Table Mountain" in Capetown, which is also famous for its vibrant culture and diversity of people. Of course Africa has its challenges as well, but the gift that Africa has to offer to the world is beyond measure. I left Africa but Africa has  never left me.

What Adventure have you been on that you can still feel in your blood?

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