03 April, 2013

Dance and Drama in Bali

Dance and drama have played an important role in Balinese culture throughout the years. Through dance we can see how the Balinese look at nature, and how they regard their fauna and flora. The core of Balinese culture is dance and drama, which is traditionally performed during temple festivals. Dancers may be channeled by visiting gods or demons. Or they may perform to welcome or be entertain the visiting gods. Balinese dance cannot be separated from their religion called Agama Hindu Bali. Many dancers pray at their family shrine for taksu (inspiration) from the gods before they perform. In the Ubud area you can go to a dance performance almost any night. Anoms's group Semar Ratih performs once a week. However if you get the chance to observe the real thing at a temple festival don't miss the opportunity. For those of you who are interested in learning Balinese dance you contact Bali Advisor; or if you are in Bali you can visit Anom and Ayu's home Studio in Ubud.

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