06 June, 2011

Letter from the King of Bhutan

I would like to share these thoughts from the King of Bhutan from a speech that he gave in India:
"I truly believe that the only way to observe the most important things in life and in this world is by putting them through the lens of "Simplicity". You must break everything down to the fundamentals; break it down to the basic human instances. For, in the end no matter what country we may be from, we are human beings.

"No matter what our cultures and beliefs may be, we share the same needs and abide by the same fundamental values. In fact, it may be these very values that could guide us, through the great problems, even those of environmental degradation, terrorism and world poverty. Perhaps the first of these values is the sense of a shared planet.

"This is a world that is shared-not between governments and nations but among us- the people-The image of a shared planet must always be present in our minds-It is wrong to assume that a huge step to finding solutions to global problems and averting future crises, will be taken if we can think in the spirit of community and fraternity, not as individual entities?

"When we accept that this world of people all alike, of families all alike, of communities all alike, of countries facing the same challenges, of human beings ultimately seeking the same thing, then we will truly be in a position to foster well being security and happiness."

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