13 April, 2015

Spirit Tours in Peru - Temple of the Sun

The trek to the top of The Temple of the Sun is worth it, especially when you get back down and look up at the splendid route you just completed.  Here our 2015 group, lead by Lori Furbush, Qigong instructor, celebrate an amazing exploration of some of the world's most unique ruins. 

Although strenous, the circular route up to the top of The Sun Temple, has many places to pause and rest to catch breath and take in the view.  On the way down, notice the amazing water system, but pay attention to where you're stepping though!

The view of the Sacred Valley from the top is dramatic and beautiful.

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  1. This looks like an amazing trip, I can't wait to go next time.

  2. http://spirittoursblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/spirit-tours-in-peru-temple-of-sun.html touring Peru has been an amazing experience.


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