06 October, 2014

Central Java - Borobudor

Early morning call to prayer from Muslim Mosque rings out chants on speakers into predawn dark. 
We're in Central Java at the 1000 year old site of the ancient Buddhist temple, Borobudur. 
We are staying at the Manuhara Hotel on the sacred grounds of the temple, I've been making my pilgrimage up the hill a couple times a day. Situated atop a hill ( Boro-top, budur-hill) it is a monolithic labyrinth with stone carved reliefs (dating from 940 AD ) of Buddha's journey 'caught in the wheel of living and dying' on the path to his enlightenment. It has been such a deep and meaningful circular path for me.   So many reliefs ( 1,400) depicting lives in all phases of our humanity. It's all there. I walked clockwise from the east, round and round watching my life unfold and then all my soul's and all souls incarnations and I yearned for release. 

With ten levels rising up the hill one can get overwhelmed by the immensity of centuries of beings in all its diversity of emotions.  At the 8th, 9th and 10th tiers the view opens up and two levels of stupas emerge, each containing a Buddha, hands in the mudra, wheel of life. At the top is a final large octagonal stupa which contains nothing. Buddha has achieved Nirvana- nothing. 
Borobudur is a jewel to behold and to physically experience. Its ancient message and the wisdom it imparts to all willing to immerse in the story of Buddha and Sudhana has uplifted my own soul's journey. I have a renewed understanding and sense of forgiveness for all human actions, and a deeper understanding and reverence for Buddha's message to go forth and show compassion and love toward all living things.  Thanks be to the decades of hands and lives who lovingly shaped the
Temple in the name of Shakyamuni Buddha.  And to those who continue to hold it dear in their hearts in preservation.

This was written by Kyle Omi LeHecka while she was investigating Borobudor for Spirit Tours.  Thanks Kyle for the poetic message and your inspirational travel experience. 

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