03 April, 2010

Bhutan: Behold a Himalayan Kingdom

The lucky few who have travelled to Bhutan behold a Himalayan Kingdom just opened to travelers three decades ago. The people of Bhutan guard a traditional culture that is fast changing, but it is still a land of peace, prosperity and spiritual depth. Now is the time to take the oppourtunity to travel with Bhutanese guide Tshering Jamtsho and Spirit Tours guides Jim Cramer and Tim Omi. Visit the Thimphu Tshecu festival, visit Punakha Dzong (fortress) built in 1637, the old capital of Bhutan. Hike to Taktsant (Tiger's Nest) Monastery. Chant with the Buddhist lamas. The local inhabitants call this Druk Yul, the "land of the peaceful dragon."

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September 14 - 24, 2010

Spirit of Bhutan - Dharma Path to Bhutan

With Tshering Jamtsho


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