27 March, 2014

Machu Pichu Was A Must See On My Bucket List

Like No Other I've Seen

Machu Pichu, Peru is like no other ruin I have ever seen.  Ten years ago I had the opportunity to hike for three challenging and rewarding days into the Peruvian mountains, which led me and three of my college buddies to the famous Machu Pichu Ruins.

Filled With History

High up in mountains lays a magnificent site.  As Lamas roam freely you begin to explore the mystical castle of the Inca's.  This rugged scenery, set up in the clouds makes you realize how small we really are. To this day I still remember the vivid sites, beautiful smiles of the Peruvian people and the amazing feeling of being in a place filled with so much history.

What's on your bucket list?
Have you been to Machu Pichu?
Any tips for travelers you'd like to share?

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Gitana Omi

(photo from rgbstock.com)

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